Laser Hair Restoration
  • Stop Hair Loss, Thinning & Balding
  • Re-Grow Your Own Hair
  • Approved Treatment
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  • Proven Hair Re-Growth For Men and Women

Laser hair restoration uses laser energy to boost the production of keratinised cells within the hair follicle leading to an increased growth of thicker stronger hair.

At your FREE consultation we will identify your active hair follicles using a powerful digital microscope. We can then reasonably predict the results you can expect following a full course of treatment.

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Providing you are suitable for laser hair restoration treatment (and your follicles are still active), this exciting new hair loss treatment could be the answer.

Low level laser therapy is the only non drug based treatment that is FDA approved and proven to prevent hair loss and generate re-growth of hair.

  • The only non mediation based treatment this is FDA approved
  • 100% stabilisation in men and women
  • Over 95% see significant improvement and re-growth
  • Increase hair thickness and density
  • Painfree, safe, no side effects – STOPS HAIR LOSS